Farm Kitchen Sink Cabinet - SOLD

Sink Cabinet - 2021-1
Bonnies Cabinet - Summer 2021
Sink Cabinet - 2021-2

80 year old farm kitchen sinkcabinet made from old rough sawn boards stored for years in a shed attic at a beautiful Dean lake home - a fine addition to the laundry pantry.
Dimensions: 42W x 22D x 36H

Night Stands - SOLD

Pine End Tables - June 2021
Custom Pine Rough Sawn Night Tables.
Dimensions: 18W x 17D x 30H

Pine Cabinet - SOLD

Cabinet - Bonnie 2021-2
Custom Pine cabinet with rough sawn top and accessible corner pull out hardware for kitchen pantry.
Dimensions: 43W x 23D x 37H
Cabinet - Bonnie 2021-3
Cabinet - Bonnie 2021-1

Raised Panel Door Wall Cabinets

Multi purpose cabinet on the left

Handmade pine cabinet with shelf and drawer.

Dimensions: 21L x 12D x 28H

Bathroom cabinet on the right

Handmade pine cabinet with 3 shelves and towel holder.

Dimensions: 15L X 11D X 34H

Pantry Cabinet - SOLD


Handmade pine cabinet with four shelves & 'up-cycled' louvred door.

Dimensions: 22L X 18D X 49H


Pine Curio Cabinet - SOLD


Handmade pine curio cabinet with glass doors, adjustable shelf & black accents.

Dimensions: 46L X 18D X 32H

Pine Curio Cabinet

Pine Cabinet

Handmade pine curio cabinet with an "up-cycled" glass door, adjustable shelf, two drawers & with distressed red accents.

Dimensions: 21L X 16D X 48H

Small Pine Cabinet - SOLD


Handmade pine cabinet with double doors, green distressed accents, adjustable shelf & it even has a secret drawer - shhhh!

Dimensions: 27L X 16D X 26H

Recycling Unit - SOLD

Our recycling/waste units can be custom made to suit your needs!

Recycling Container_copy

Handmade pine unit with two seperate drawers; recycling paper, plactic and/or compost. (Compost & recycling container included)

Dimensions: 21L X 18D X 36H

Recycling Container open

Waste Unit - SOLD


Handmade pine wood unit with drop down door. (Waste container included)

Dimensions: 21L X 18D X 36H


Bathroom Vanity - SOLD

Bathroom Vanity

Handmade pine wood unit with bottom shelf and porcelain top.

Dimensions: 32L X 20D X 32H

Bathroom Vanity - Open

Custom Made Three Drawer Night Stand - SOLD

Custom 3 drawer Night Stand

Custom Made Local Cedar Sawn Wood Firebox with Bear Hinges & Handmade Wooden Pine Decal - SOLD

Cedar Firebox

“Up-cycled” Corner Unit Media Stand - SOLD

TV Stand - Corner Unit

Dimensions: 32”H x 32”W x 17”D

(Hole in the back for wires)

“Up-cycled” Roofing Tin Panel Doors Hutch

Tin Cabinet A

Roofing Tin Panel Doors on Distressed Rough Sawn Pine Hutch

Dimensions: 42L X 17D X 40 1/2H

Tin Cabinet B

Custom Made TV Stand - SOLD

Custom TV Stand with Bear Hinges

Custom Made TV Stand with Adjustable Shelf & Bear Hinges

Dimensions: 36L X 16D X 28H

Custom TV Stand with Bear Hinges2

Custom Made "Bread Box" Style Counter Top Microwave Stand - SOLD

Bread Box 4

Dimensions: 22L X 16D X 14H

Bread Box 5

Custom Made Bed with Book Shelf - SOLD


Dimensions: Standard Queen Size

Custom Made Pine Vanity with Shelf - SOLD


Custom Pine Vanity with Shelf - to Replace a Pedestal Sink

Rough Sawn Pine Entryway Shoe Bench & Refurbished Mirror to Match - SOLD

Bench and Mirror

Burnt Grain Pine Bookshelf - SOLD


Dimensions: 60"H x 36"W x 10"D

"The Ultimate Firewood Box"- SOLD

C&J Wood Box2
C&J Wood Box3
C&J Wood Box5

Custom made to fit a beutiful lakeside home fireplace - "crumb" clean out drawer under suspended wood logs for easy cleaning. Plus, a removable kindling insert. Another Basswood Lake Outfitters original design!

Dimensions: 32"H x 30"W x 20"D

Custom Fitted Bathroom Vanity & Mirror- SOLD

Helens Vanity3
Helens Vanity5

Custom Made “Up-cycled” Roofing Tin Cabinet- SOLD

Cabinet - June

Custom made.

Another Basswood Lake Outfitters original design!

Dimensions: 36"H x 36"W x 14"D

Custom Made Cabinet - SOLD

Cabinet - Bonnie
Cabinet - Bonnie2
Cabinet - Bonnie3

Custom made pine pantry cabinet with rustic rough sawn top and large pull out racks.

Dimensions: 36"H x 42"W x 24"D