All of our rustic style wood furniture is either handcrafted in our carpentry shop or refurbished from previously owned pieces. We have a sawmill on-site and we use locally sourced wood and materials as much as possible. We also enjoy giving discarded pieces and materials a new life as we feel it is our obligation to ourselves and to our community that we help reduce volume of usable materials at our landfill sites.

We also have other cottage style accessories and gifts available, as well as earth friendly products all offered at reasonable prices.

If you have any unwanted old windows, mirrors, glass, solid wood furniture, etc. that might be useful for another purpose, please let us know and we can make arrangements to pick these items up rather than you throwing it in the trash. We love the opportunity to give new life to those dicarded items!


Woodwork Pieces:

Our wood items are one-of-a-kind creations often made with locally sourced wood – they are not intended to appear as factory made products. As such, you may find cracks, uneven finishes, loose knots, bark pockets, nail holes, board cupping, patches, saw marks, water marks, worm holes, bug holes, dents and other imperfections which are to be expected in any of our products. These features are sought out when selecting wood for a product and should not be considered as defects, but rather as interesting features which detail the rustic authenticity of the wood.

Wood products will shrink and expand with changes in humidity and temperature, these are normal and expected changes throughout the year. To lessen the effects of wood movement avoid placing close to fireplaces or other heat sources. Avoid direct sunlight and use of a humidifier in cooler dry seasons and an air conditioner in hot seasons if recommended to stabilize the wood. Relative humidity should be maintained between 40-50% to lessen the effects of movement. We distress some painted and stained surfaces as elements of design so any cracks or flaws that appear after sale should be considered as a continuation of the rustic furniture aging process and not as flaws.