Canadian Handmade Leather, Stone & Recycled Aluminum Jewelry

*Images may me slightly different than the actual piece - all pieces are one of a kind.

Close2URHeart - Camper Necklace

Camper Necklace

Close2URHeart - Canoeing Necklace

Canoeing Necklace

Pink Leather Bracelet2_copy

Classic Leather Bracelet - Pink

Statement Grey - Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Set - 3 Styles to Choose From

Statement Grey - Dahlia Earrings2

Dahlia Earrings

Antlers Earrings_copy

Antlers Wooden Earrings

BIRCH Street Studio - Rainbow Earrings_copy

Rainbow Wooden Earrings

Close2URHeart - Baby Sea Turtles

Baby Sea Turtles Necklace

Statement Grey - Farrow Hoop Earrings2

Farrow Hoop Earrings

Close2URHeart - Swimmer Necklace

Swimmer Necklace

Maple Leaf Earrings

Maple Leaf Wooden Earrings

Statement Grey - Fleur Jacket Earrings2

Fleur Jacket Earrings

Close2URHeart - Loons Necklace

Loons Necklace

Close2URHeart - Moose Necklace

Moose Necklace

Heart Earrings_copy

Heart Wooden Earrings

Statement Grey - Laverna Earrings2_copy

Laverna Earrings

Statement Grey - Lottie Earrings2_copy

Lottie Earrings

Close2URHeart - School of Fish Necklace

School of Fish Necklace

Great Gift Set!

Statement Grey - Leaf Branch Bracelet2_copy_2

Leaf Branch Bracelet - $32.00

Statement Grey - Leaf Branch Bracelet2_copy_2

Leaf Branch Necklace - $38.00

Close2URHeart - Owls Necklace

Owls Necklace - $28.00

Close2URHeart - Reach for the Stars Necklace

Reach for the Stars Necklace - $28.00

Statement Grey - Love Necklace - Sterling Silver2_copy

Love Necklace - Sterling Silver

Statement Grey - Luna Necklace2_copy

Luna Necklace

Christmas Tree Earrings

Christmas Tree Wooden Earrings

Close2URHeart - Paddleboarder Necklace

Paddleboarder Necklace

Close2URHeart - Squirrel Necklace

Squirrel Necklace

Close2URHeart - Mother Bear with Cub Necklace_copy

Mother Bear with Cub Necklace

Gift Boxes_copy

Gift Box - $3.00