Opening Day

1 June 2019

Well it’s time! Basswood Lake Outfitters will be opening today from 10 AM to 3 PM and we’re looking forward to having some friends drop by to see what’s up.

I just finished building a new entrance gate at the highway and hung a couple of our logo signs and we think it looks pretty good.

Laura has spent a lot of time ordering some real nice cottage accessories and perhaps out of everything my personal favourite item is the Vann’s Spices. We used to go to a very popular and funky gourmet kitchen outfitter on the east side of downtown Vancouver to buy these spices before we moved back here, and really enjoyed some very flavourful meals! We’ve got a great selection of bbq related spices so don’t miss the spice rack.

Another place we used to frequent while we lived out west was the town of Snohomish just north east of downtown Seattle. A really quaint little town with all kinds of shops, antique stores, pubs and restaurants – one old style diner in particular was a favourite, 1960’s looking waitresses with attitude and plates of food big enough to feed a family of four! We bought quite a bit of stuff in the shops for our home and Laura has sourced many of the similar braided rugs, table runners etc. that are the perfect accent for a cottage or country home.

We've got a single lane driveway into the property with one pull off to let cars pass about one third of the way from the highway so bear with us for now - we hope to build some additional pull-offs over the summer. The Showroom is upstairs in the garage/workshop building on your left as you pull into our "settlement".

Anyway, we’re opening without a lot of fanfare or promotion as we just hope to build this small business by word of mouth and have our local community have the opportunity to take advantage of finding products which might not otherwise be available to them outside of making a trip to the big city.

We love living in this rural community on this beautiful Lake and we look forward to meeting many more people over the summer so don’t hesitate to stop by – moving forward Thursdays to Sundays from 10 AM to 3 PM – tell your friends!