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April 3, 2019

Well it's been all about the wildlife this winter – lots of snow this year has created a 'different from ordinary' environment at the lake. One thing we have noticed is the new birds we had not seen previously or in such abundance.

Earlier in the new year we had an influx of Pine Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, and other little yellow birds I’m still trying to identify who joined the Black-capped Chickadees, Red-breasted Nuthatches and the full roster of Woodpeckers who were around the previous year. We saw the Crows and Ravens flying around enjoying the high winds in the winter but only over the past couple of weeks have they been coming down and landing to enjoy some of the seeds we put out – not sure why but that is different from last winter when they did their walk-arounds all winter.

As far as raptors go we have seen our resident Bald Eagle gliding around more often this year and the local Barred Owl has been making us nervous with daytime forays as we watch over our many Red, Black and Flying Squirrel friends – and more recently our little Chipmunks making their way up through the snow.

We have seen Partridge families walking the road searching for food and we even had a good first look at a beautiful Pheasant doing the “Roadrunner stride” along Dayton Road one afternoon. With Spring closing in we will look forward to the Hummingbirds, Red Wing Blackbirds and other songbirds coming home to hit the Birdfeeders.

Anyway as I said it’s been an interesting winter and we’re enjoying our growing family this year.