Winter Won’t Go Away!

12 April 2019

Last night as we were having supper, it started to get blustery and then came the snow – heavy for a while and about 8 cm fell before it turned mild and started to rain in the night. There was a chill in the wind early this morning when I went out to feed the birds and squirrels, and the light rain and cool temperatures were hanging on.

I was barely back into the cabin when a full roster of 23 deer came sauntering into the ‘courtyard’ in front of the cabin. With the snow receding, the deer have been freed up from the single file walkways they utilized all winter. We now have them wandering throughout the property feasting on the buds on both the conifers and the hardwood forest. A full group of deer spent the day lying down about 10 metres from the workshop yesterday – some of them in full ‘lay down sleep’ mode. It’s nice to see them getting some good rest in this safe sheltered area before their journey coming up soon.

Looking out on the Lake there is no sign of breakup yet as the recent mild days have normally turned to ‘below zero’ overnight. We can’t wait to get the boat out on the water for some fishing after the tough year for ice fishing this winter (too much snow and we don’t have a snowmobile). The incoming rain and milder temps this week may help to speed up the thaw.

We are working hard on a variety of pieces and projects to get ready for opening day on June 1. We are going to spend a few weeks on a renovation of a 1950’s cottage on Portage Street near the end of the month so our timeline is tight to get everything ready. Please keep in touch with “Our Stuff” on the website as we will be adding pieces to the inventory on a regular basis.