Winter Continues......

March 30, 2019

The morning started out chilly but then the day turned out to be quite beautiful with sun and warmer temps – a bit windy.

We went for a drive and the snow is really melting off the side roads with the notable exception of Basswood Lake Road at the Hwy 129 end – still big snow banks and ice on the road. Snow and ice are also still covering all the local lakes but it won’t be long until the shorelines start to melt back – most of the ice-fishing huts are pulled in as tomorrow is the end of pickerel season.

Still plenty of deer in our milieu and lots of them also starting to graze along the Highway 17 near Harris Creek as the grass melts out on exposed solar slopes – hope they don’t get tempted to cross to the other side! There must be 30 deer walking along the Basswood Lake shoreline at our place on a daily basis however they should be thinking about moving on within the next couple of weeks. We’ll be sad to see them go but it’s time for them to find greener pastures with lots of fresh browse budding in distant forests after a long snowy winter yarded up close to civilization.

We worked in the shop this morning staining a rustic bench we made (she’s a beauty) and working on an industrial style (black pipe) bathroom shelf for towels etc. – that thing is built like a brick #$&%house! Hopefully someone with really heavy towels will be interested! Also mounted some framed pictures and maps and installed the last of the lighting fixtures upstairs in our little showroom – good to get that done!

All is good at the lake and we look forward to the Maple Syrup Festival on St. Joseph Island next weekend – Gilbertson’s will be busy I’m sure and we can’t wait to tie into those pancakes and sausages at the Richard’s Landing Legion Hall!