Winter is sure on the way!

6 November 2019

Well we’ve got our first snow under our belts this past week and it was lightly snowing again this morning and into late afternoon – below zero temps are booked for the next week at least so it appears we’re down for the count.

Basswood Lake is looking dreary and cold with whitecaps curling from the brisk west wind – water that looks so inviting on a calm summer day is definitely in Mr. Hyde mode as the cold weather sets in.

The chipmunks are still out and about frantically trying to stalk away the last of their winter stores, and the squirrels are braving the cold weather as they will for the next five months – always in search of one more peanut.

Chickadees, Nuthatches, Crows, Blue Jays and Woodpeckers are making the best of their opportunity to feed on our many sunflower caches but it won’t be long before some of them leave us for warmer climates.

The garden is all taken out for the winter. It was a tough year for growing just the way the spring, summer and fall weather patterns worked out – not conducive to productive crops but as always, lessons were learned for next year.

After all the snow last year, we bought a “roof rake” yesterday to make the task of clearing the roofs easier this year – the item looks pretty sturdy so hopefully it’s not one of those great ideas that break the first time you use it. Last year we shoveled off quite a few roofs in the area with snow up to 2 metres deep on the lee side so this year we hope to keep ahead of the task by biting off easier pieces with this “rake” as the snow falls.

It was time this past week to tune up the snowblower and the “back-up” generator and put away the outboard motors and the lawn mower to storage – always remembering that adding gas stabilizer is a must for the long winter season storage items!

We plan to keep Basswood Lake Outfitters open for the winter so we’ll look forward to lots of visitors over the next few months as we approach Christmas – Laura has plenty of great gift ideas in stock for the entire family. New items arriivng weekly!

We have finished off a lovely farm table with black distressed legs and a very smooth table top made of pine from our mill, and eight coats of Polyurethane – feels silky smooth and should stand up to the toughest test at any home or cottage.

We’ve also got some new wall hangings – salvaged windows with mirror replacement panes and railway spike hangers – one wall hanging has spikes from the old Dean Lake Station down the highway and across the old bridge built in 1910.

We are doing quite a bit of custom furniture making and furniture repairs and we thank all of our guests who are continuing to refer our shop to friends, colleagues and relatives – we very much appreciate all the support - thank you!

We’ll try to keep our seasonal cottagers in touch with how things are around the lake this winter so be sure to keep in touch with our blog and Instagram posts.

Remember our regular hours are Thursday to Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM however “If the Gate is Open – We’re Open” so don’t hesitate to call, text or just drop in!